Healthy Animal's Journal
Healthy Animal's Journal

This helpful journal will allow you to record and track all important symptoms and evaluate your pet's responses to any treatment or lifestyle modifications. Dr. Chambreau, an internationally known homeopathic veterinarian, will show you how to recognize the clues that your dog or cat is on the path to true health.

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Do you have a dog or cat? If you do, this journal will help your pet lead a healthy life. Healthy Animal's Journal by Dr. Chambreau is an excellent way to track any sickness your pet might have. It explains which illnesses your dog or cat can get, and how to tell which disease he or she has by looking at a pet’s eyes, nose, etc. It will help you keep your pet healthy in order to live a long and healthy life. It will help your dog in the future, even if you think he or she is perfectly healthy.

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