Harry the Camel
Harry the Camel

HARRY THE CAMEL will surely pull on the heart strings of readers as he pines for a life he can never have. Harry lives in the sand dunes of Dubai, and he often watches from a distance as the beautifully sleek race horses at the track run their laps. He laments that his back isn't as smooth as theirs and wonders how much faster he could run without his bulky old hump. As he dreams of the possibilities, Dover the bird swoops in and teases him about his hump, making him feel even worse about how he looks. As he makes his way sadly home he happens upon a little boy named Omar. Harry learns that Omar is lost. Who better than a camel to lead a lost boy out of the desert? In the end, Harry discovers there is nothing better than being yourself and, for the first time, Harry is proud to be a camel.

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  • Animals
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 3 - 5
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Harry the Camel is a heartwarming story perfect for young readers to learn about different types of animals outside of the US and to learn about the unique gifts everyone possesses. The children's book begins with Harry the camel near the racehorse track in the desert. He so badly wishes he could run fast and smooth like a horse, but he has a hump on his back! When he notices another type of four-legged animal, he feels sorry for that animal's differences as well. Then Harry's bird friend tells him that the other animal is supposed to look the way he does because he is a zebra!

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