The Happiest Cat in the World
The Happiest Cat in the World

"The Happiest Cat in the World" is a children's book about a cat's dream of a happy life. Even though the cat is unaware that it's dreaming, it has a goal to be free and happy.

The purpose of this story is to prompt children to contemplate freedom and animal welfare, particularly given the swift changes happening in the world today. In this picture book, I endeavor to depict both the dreams and the reality of the cat's life. In its dreams, the cat is free, happy, and has everything it needs for a comfortable and happy life. But the cat's reality is very different.

While the cat remains unaware of its circumstances, readers can comprehend its situation. By mentally substituting "the cat" with "a human being," the author hopes to encourage children to ponder freedom and how to attain it.
The story emphasizes that almost anything is possible if one refuses to give up.

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  • Animals

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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