Halito, Gianna
Halito, Gianna
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Gianna Saldaña has a mystery to solve.

With the help of a history teacher and the enthusiasm of a new friend, Gianna hopes to discover answers to the biggest mystery of her life. Follow along as she explores every avenue to find answers to the questions she has wondered about for as long as she can remember: Who is her father? Where did her ancestors come from? Join her as she develops new and exciting clues about her heritage and solves the mystery of her family lineage—a dramatic journey!

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  • Short Story
  • Spanish

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Halito, Gianna is a modern-day fairy tale about a young girl with an uncertain past who is searching for answers. Her search explores U.S. and Mexican history, as well as important aspects of Native American and a long-forgotten connection to Ireland.  This book is for children 8 to 12 years old with a message about the importance of family, heritage, and friendship.  

Halito, Gianna is a tale about a young girl’s quest to find out more about her father. Gianna embarks on a journey to discover her father’s identity, a journey that uncovers the truth about her family’s history. Her determination to know more about her father leads her to an after-school genealogy club, where she decided to find hints to her father’s identity with the help of her teacher, Mr Williams. How far will she go to uncover her father’s identity? Will she find the answers to her questions?

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What sets Gianna apart from her fifth-grade classmates?  It is her curiosity about her heritage. When an after-school history club opens, Gianna signs up. Annoying Matthew Jacobs joins too. Nonetheless, despite only knowing her mother’s name and birth date, Gianna is determined to find out “a whole lot more!” History club facilitator, Mr. Williams, seems the perfect mentor to guide her search. He is familiar with family history and knows his way around genealogy sites.

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