Veronica Bennett
Imagine being the strongest being in existence. It could get a little boring, right? The Guardians knew this all too well. After centuries of unrivaled governance, the Guardians began to turn on each other. Their sadistic leader played his men like pawns and war soon swallowed the kingdom. When the Guardians flushed out all the corrupt, they were cast out into the unexplored realms beyond the kingdom. From that point on the realms were split between the two opposing sides, the Guardians and the Fallen. Little did they know there was one more player, the humans. Earth rested smack in the middle of the two territories and the two seemed intent on tearing it to pieces as they deemed the new-found planet their battleground. Azalea Johnson is no typical human, but that’s news to her. In fact, the humans are completely unaware of the war that is threatening their existence. Since its beginning, the war has been fought in secret. It is kept hidden, fought on the very edges of human existence. The Guardians fought to keep the humans out of direct fire, but the Fallen’s influence did not go completely unnoticed. Their tainted energy began to change the humans. They learned to hate and lie, and the human’s corruption only fed the Fallen’s numbers. When the Guardians discovered that they may in fact lose the war, they too took advantage of the impressionable humans … but they took it a step further. They created a human. Azalea is born with a bright red target on her back and spends 18 long years on Earth blissfully unaware of what she is. She was created with the ability to possess the power of each of the Guardian elders. She is an unparalleled weapon whose loyalty will ultimately determine the outcome of the war… but there is just one problem. Being human means Azalea was born with a touch of the Fallen’s tainted energy, and being able to harness the power of both the Guardians and the Fallen makes her vulnerable to both. When the Guardians, desperate to protect their insurance, steal Azalea away from earth, the question remains. Were all of the tainted Guardians removed during their revolt, or is there something stronger brewing?Life for Azalea becomes a dangerous game of hide and seek and her days are no longer minutes to outrun, but seconds to survive.

Book Details


  • Fantasy
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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