Good Night, Maman
Good Night, Maman
Good Night, Maman
Norma Fox Mazer
Karin Levi’s world of family, school, and friends is torn apart when the German army occupies Paris in June of 1940. Karin and her brother, Marc, like Jews all over Europe, find themselves on the run, seeking safety wherever they can find it. When Marc obtains two coveted places aboard a ship bound for the United States, Karin knows that crossing the ocean means she may never see her beloved parents again. Yet she and Marc have little choice if they are to survive. Karin’s unforgettable story--revealing the little-known world of a handful of European refugees in World War II America--tells of survival, of growing up, and of love’s ability to endure even the most extraordinary circumstances.

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  • Historical Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Good Night, Maman tells the story of a family fleeing for their lives. They are journeying to America from Germany to escape discrimination and death. Half way through the journey Karin and Marcs mother falls sick. They must go on without her. Heart broken and scared, the two must travel on to America. They are put in a refugee camp and taught American culture, holidays, and language to survive. Karin longs for home while her brother embraces their new life, but the question is: is there a home still left to go back to?

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