Girl in the Ashes
Girl in the Ashes

France has fallen to the Nazis and as people flee, Odette Lefebvre uses the chaos to kill men she finds deserving. After succumbing to the sinister charms of the new German doctor running the hospital, Odette must keep her head down to avoid unwanted attention or risk exposing her murderous secret and endangering those she loves. But the secrets of those close to her could unknowingly mean her death.

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  • Historical Fiction

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  • Adult
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Girl in the Ashes is a captivating book centered on the life of Odette, a young woman with a scarred past. At a very young age, Odette Lefebvre saw her mother die in the hands of a vile man. Since then, she made it her duty to rid Paris of it's corrupt men. Not women. Not children. Men only. She lured her victims into her cellar where she administered the only justice she knew: death.

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