The Giant (Bareknuckle)
The Giant (Bareknuckle)
The Giant (Bareknuckle)
Jonathan Mary-Todd
"Luc doesn't like to fight. He wins his matches anyway. Men always turn out to see the Boy Giant box—he's taller and stronger than anyone else at the Woodrat Club. Luc takes part to help Mr. Chilton, the man who brought him to New York. When a fast-talking stranger brings a kangaroo to the club, the Woodrat gains another attraction. The kangaroo boxing makes Luc queasy. But Mr. Chilton befriends the kangaroo owner. Soon Luc is torn between loyalty and his conscience. And if he makes a move, the kangaroo's mysterious trainer is ready to cut him down to size."

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  • For Reluctant Readers

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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In this fast-paced story of a giant boy named Luc, the reader is brought to the setting of the more sleazy side of Manhattan. Luc is from Quebec, and his English is limited. Luc is forced to box in a local pub by his caretaker, Mr. Chilton. When Luc encounters two men who are exploiting an unusual animal, he begins to question whether Mr. Chilton is really after his best interest. Luc must decide whether to continue his miserable boxing matches or take a stand for himself and the creature. 

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