Fruitbasket From Hell
Fruitbasket from Hell (Alex Cheradon #1.1) (Alex Cheradon Book Series 1)
Fruitbasket From Hell
Jason Krumbine
Steven Raines (you know, the man who made billions making an operating system that out-Microsoft-ed Microsoft?) has hired Alex Cheradon (private investigator) to look for his missing daughter. Good news: it's a million dollar payday. Bad news: she may be a Satanist hell bent on bringing the Devil to Earth.The dead bodies are piling up. Vampires are crawling out of the woodwork. And there's something named Pookie that's lurking around the corner.Breathtakingly paced, the jokes and wisecracks fly fast as Alex races against the clock to save the day.This is Book 1 in the Alex Cheradon Series.--------Other books in the Alex Cheradon Series:VOLUME 1-Fruitbasket from Hell (Alex Cheradon #1.1) A is for Amnesia, B is for Bullet (Alex Cheradon #1.2) Little People, Big Crimes (Alex Cheradon #1.3) VOLUME 2 -One Time Only (Alex Cheradon #2.1) Welcome to Crazytown (Alex Cheradon #2.2) Odd Man Out (Alex Cheradon #2.3) Full Moon, Half Wits (Alex Cheradon #2.4) One Tomb Short of a Graveyard (Alex Cheradon #2.5)VOLUME 3 Lucky Dogs (Alex Cheradon #3.1) Everything's Coming Up Aces (Alex Cheradon #3.2)The House Always Wins (Alex Cheradon #3.3)

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  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Alex Cheradon is a private investigator who wants nothing but to actually work as a private investigator. As his luck would have it he barely spends any time investigating and more time trying to avoid the supernatural. On top of the supernatural being after him so is his ex-partner who is trying to kill him. Luckily for Alex his bad luck is about to make him rich.

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