Forever Ruby
Forever Ruby
Forever Ruby
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Newly qualified lawyer Ruby Edwards is pretty much where she wants to be in life: a new job in a prestigious law firm, good friends, and above all a promising future with Oliver, the love of her life. Why, then, does she feel drawn to the mysterious and magnetically handsome Cole Frost? Why does she feel like she's seen him before? South Coast is a small place but why does he keep appearing in her life? She knows Oliver is the one for her; she has no doubts about that. She would never cheat because that would make her more like the mother who abandoned her than she would ever want to be. But she can't seem to stay away from Cole Frost's piercing silver eyes, which might have seen much more than is usual in a lifetime...

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  • Fantasy
  • For Reluctant Readers
  • Romance

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Forever Ruby by Claire Merchant is a novel that follows the life of Ruby Edwards. Fresh out of college and recently hired at a prestigious law firm, Ruby believes shes found the love of her life in Oliver, her long time boyfriend, but she can not seem to stay away from Cole Frost. There's something enigmatic about him that seems to continue to draw her to him, and he always seems to appear when Ruby needs him. She knows he isn't normal, but when tragedy befalls her, Cole is the only person she can trust, but how far is Cole actually willing to go for Ruby?

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Forever Ruby is about a young college student, Ruby Edwards, who has just got to the point in her life where she always wanted to be: she has her dream job, good friends, and a wonderful boyfriend, Oliver, who’s the man of her dreams. Her life seems perfect until she meets Cole Frost, a mysterious, handsome man who seems to be about her age--sometimes Ruby thinks she has dreamed him up. She tries to stay away from Cole as Oliver would prefer although, can she? The story starts off with Ruby explaining her life but then she meets Cole and then her regular lifestyle changes.

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