The Fifth Hero #1: The Race to Erase
The Fifth Hero #1: The Race to Erase
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The Calamity Corporation is determined to end life on Earth as we know it. The company has built hotels that orbit Earth and small cities on the moon and has plans to move the human population to Mars. The sinister corporation is determined to ruin Earth so that people have no choice but to leave it. 

     Not so fast! Four kids who secretly possess the powers of land, air, sea, and creatures are about to change the course of history. These kids may not be the likeliest of heroes, but they are determined to stop Calamity Corporation from destroying Earth. And they have a secret weapon: a fifth hero. YOU! 

With characters from different backgrounds who have different feelings about climate change, this book offers all readers someone to identify with. And with climate change being one of the biggest threats this young generation will face, this book will inspire young readers to learn more and take action! Informational back matter is also included to teach kids about the science behind the decisions they make during the course of the story.

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  • Fiction

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  • 8 - 12
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The Fifth Hero: Race to Erase is a book about Jarret, Lina, Agnes, and Malik. The four of them are part of a Climate Club hosted by Lina’s parents, the owners of Calamity Corporation, a company that creates space communities and helps save the earth. One day, they all go over to Lina's house to celebrate her birthday. There, Jarret, Malik, and Agnes overhear a concerning conversation between Lina's older brother Tommy and her parents. Tommy has a top-secret project, The Four Powerful Obliteration of Natural Existence Spheres, four spheres that will ruin Earth.

The calamity corporation is an organization owned by a couple with sinister plans. They build hotels and other things across space, and they are hell-bent on making earth an unlivable place so people won't have a choice but to leave earth and move to Mars where they build and own everything. 

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