Fault Lines
Fault Lines
Fault Lines
When her revenge plan goes awry, fourteen-year-old Dani Burkhart finds herself in unexpected places: the back seat of a cop car, the police station holding room, Juvenile Court. She wants her old life, the one with a family that's not falling apart. She wants to stay in her home with the woods in back, and keep her carefree dog with the windshield wiper tail, and hear her big brother shout "Sweet D-Dawg!" when her curveball dips like a sparrow.Dani has always believed her grandmother's philosophy: Right will win. Now everything is wrong. So why not punish the rotten neighbor who's to blame - who pulled the string that started everything unraveling? Makes sense - unless there's more to the story than Dani wants to admit.FAULT LINES traces Dani's journey through the rubble of loss to the path she finds back home, to forgiveness and hope.

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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Fourteen-year-old Dani Burkhart hasn’t made the best decisions. After discovering her parents are getting a divorce, her life spins out of control. She blames her troublesome neighbor, Mr. Reiber, for her family’s problems. This drives her to vandalize his house. However, her sweet revenge backfires and she finds herself arrested.

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