Fangs 4 Freaks (Colby Blanchard Series #2)
Serena Robar
We only accept certain people in my sorority-no fullblooded vampires allowed. Psi Phi is just like any sorority on campus-except for the part about them being half-blood vampires. Colby Blanchard emancipated her fellow halfbloods and laid the smackdown for some wayneeded new laws, but things still aren't good. The Vampire Tribunal is dumping the newest pledges on her lawn...bound and gagged. And Thomas, her hunky vampire investigator boyfriend, is being a little too much of a gentleman. Things aren't exactly cushy for the ladies at the Psi Phi house. One sister wants to return to her vegan lifestyle-while another is constantly poised for a fistfight. And royal bloodsucker Ileana Romanov thinks everyone is her personal butler. And to top it off, leaked info on the sisters' whereabouts is bringing on some ugly, unexpected attacks. Either someone in the Tribunal wants them dead, orthere's a spy in the house, watching them day and night. Or if it's a full-blood, just night.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Romance

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  • 12 and up
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In this sequel to Serena Robar's Braced 2 Bite, Colby has set up a sorority house that's rather exclusive. Psi Phi is just for half-blood vampires. Colby is one of these half- bloods, but she's more than that; she's their Protector, the one who got rid of the unfair laws persecuting them. Without her, they could all be executed! Of course, now that they're free to exist, that doesn't mean all of their troubles are over. The half-bloods are still being targeted, and it looks like there's a spy in the Psi Phi house.

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