Fallon's Digi-Bet: New World Alphabet for the Digital Age
Fallon's Digi-Bet: New World Alphabet for the Digital Age

A child learning her ABCs is a basic step in acquiring the skill of reading. In similar fashion, Fallon’s Digi-Bet uses the ABC approach to introduce a child to the fundamentals of the digital age. The book makes it possible for children to acquire basic technical knowledge about computers, and the technology companies who have been important in establishing and promoting this digital age, in a fun way using rhyme and similes to facilitate learning. Children living in urban environments already are familiar with manipulating tablets and other devices by swiping screens and pushing buttons and levers. Digi-Bet goes a little deeper to further their understanding of computers and enhances computer literacy. It also functions as a companion book to children’s existing interface with computers and cell phones and hopefully will spark a future interest in STEM learning.

Book Details


  • Nonfiction
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Fallon’s Digi-Bet: New World Alphabet for the Digital Age takes readers on a journey through the alphabet with a digital lens. The author follows Fallon along as she assigns each letter to a digital term. Fallon’s Digi-Bet covers all sorts of technological terms from browsers to cookies. Get ready for a digital adventure through the world of the internet!

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