Faking It
Faking It: The Story of Deborah Sampson, Revolutionary War Soldier
Faking It
Joseph K. Smith
Deborah Sampson was a courageous woman who lived during the American Revolutionary War. Deborah wanted to fight for her country, but women were not allowed to join the military, at that time. She disguised herself as a man, and successfully enlisted in the army. Later, she became the first American woman who went on a lecture tour, and the first woman to collect a military pension in the United States. Deborah Sampson was a brave woman whose story will inspire boys, and girls to go for their dreams

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  • Biography

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  • 12 and up
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The Revolutionary War was going on, and Deborah Sampson wanted to fight for her country. Disguised as a man, Deborah became a soldier. Although she experienced many setbacks and close calls, Deborah kept on trying. All through her life, she fought for what she believed in. Deborah gave many speeches and presentations. She inspires many people to be brave and go for their dreams. Deborah is now the official heroine of a state.

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