Expertus: The GenEx Saga
Expertus (The GenEx Saga Book 2)
Expertus: The GenEx Saga
In the second installment of The GenEx Saga, high school senior Chapel Ryan continues to learn more about Tempus—the genetic exception she possesses that allows her to manipulate energy. Chapel’s worlds collide when a threat meant for her endangers someone she loves. In her search for answers and retribution, Chapel unravels mysteries surrounding the GenEx world that places her life in more peril than ever before. Chapel thought finding out that her father was actually alive would be the biggest shock of her life. As it turns out … she was wrong.

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  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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Having realized the importance of her newfound abilities, Chapel trains harder than ever alongside Zay and his team. However, all is not perfect between the lovebirds. While Zay is a member of Thanatos, Chapel was forced into pledging Bellum, putting the two on opposite sides of the battle for new GenExes. To add fuel to the fire, Zay’s ex-friend and Chapel’s attractive Bellum recruiter, Gabriel Luxe, is back in town, and he may want to be more than Chapel’s platonic friend. And boys aren’t Chapel’s only problem.

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