Exile (The Grace Mysteries)
Lady Grace Cavendish
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There’s a new arrival—a mysterious and exotic young princess—at Court and Lady Grace can’t believe how many rumours there are about her already. The exiled Banoo Yasmine from Sharakand is a beautiful girl with a pet panther and, everyone believes, magical powers. Yasmine also possesses the renowned Heart of Kings Ruby, a huge stone that she wears around her neck to balls and feasts, that legend says has the power to make kings. When the famed jewel goes missing, the finger is pointed at Grace’s dear friend Ellie the laundry maid. Grace must prove her friend’s innocence, find the true thief, and restore the stone to its rightful owner.All miscreants and ill-thinkers, keep out!

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  • Mystery
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Banoo Yasmine was exiled from her homeland and is now needing a loan from Grace's queen, so she can try to rebuild her wealth. In return for the loan, Banoo gave the queen the most precious treasure of all, The Heart of Kings. When people find out that that jewel is the fake one, people go everywhere trying to find it. The next day it is found in Grace's good friend's (Ellie)laundery bins. Now Ellie must go and find the true thief.

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The time is the Elizabethan age. The setting is the Queen's Palace. The plot? A stolen ruby. Lady Grace Cavendish is one of Queen Elizabeth's maids of honor. She is also, secretly, the Lady Pursuivant, or detective. The newcomer at the palace, Banoo Yasmine- a noble whose kingdom has been taken by a murderer, carries the Heart of Kings. This precious ruby marks the ruler of her kingdom, Sharakand, and the Banoo fled with it following her father's death. When the Heart of Kings is stolen, it is recovered in a laundry maid's basket and she is taken to the dungeon.

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