Enfant Terrible: Showstopper
Enfant Terrible: Showstopper

Damen Warner is ready for a fresh start. After spiraling into alcoholic depression as the result of his grandmother’s death he plans to start the new year right. Thanks to his newfound notoriety as an internet sensation, Damen and his band, OBNXS, return to the studio to record their next album. But as his professional career takes off, Damen quickly discovers that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Forced to balance his professional aspirations against his deepening relationship with his girlfriend Melody and her five-year-old daughter, Damen quickly finds himself tangled in a web of controversy and chaos that threatens everything he loves.
As he fights to keep his band, his relationship, and his sanity from unravelling, Damen struggles to confront his attitudes toward family and fatherhood, and to grow up—or die trying.

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  • Literary Collection

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  • Adult
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This novel talks about the life of a musician named Damen. The story started with Damen heading over to a law firm to see his lawyer Sam Alleio, who is also his late grandmother's lawyer, with regards to the reading of her will. After getting to know what his grandmother Dearie had left him, he stepped out of the law firm and was soon surrounded by his fans. His lifestyle as a musician and his ever increasing need for popularity made him do things that were absurd and would later put him in trouble. Each and every of the decisions he made affected his band in one way or the other.

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