Emmylou and the Pixels
Emmylou and the Pixels

Eleven-year-old Emmylou is angry with her mother for getting sick, and with her father for bringing the family to a remote mountain cabin, where there is no TV or cell service and only her awkward little brother Levi to play with. Then the children discover the Pixels, six-inch tall people living in hidden tunnels and known to only a few humans. Levi and Emmylou are drawn into their lives and into a battle to save the little people from a ruthless logging company that would destroy them. They are helped by a cantankerous store owner and Levi's discovery of an endangered butterfly. As they fight for the Pixels, Emmylou gradually finds the faith to believe in her mother's recovery, for if Pixels can be real, anything is possible!

Book Details


  • Fantasy

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12

Emmylou Anders and her family are hoping for a quiet vacation to help Mom recover from her latest round of chemo. Emmylou is upset because she will have virtually no contact with her best friend. Instead, she and her family are going to a place in the mountains. Her father says, “We’re going somewhere with no phones, no e-mail, and no one to bother us.” Emmylou is determined to have no fun, but when she and her brother, Levi, meet new friends, the Pixels, she begins to have a lot of fun. There is just one problem: the Pixels’ forest home is in danger!

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