Benni Dublanc is exemplary, which, in the year 2622 CE, is entirely ordinary. She’s young, she’s pretty, she’s in love, and she attends Academy Aeraea, a center of fashion, thought and modern style built on the pulse of the greatest city ever imagined—Genesia, Mars. Like all Genesians, Benni has never seen a blue sky, she can summon any and all knowledge into view with nothing more than a thought, makes her daily two-hundred kilometer commute in two minutes, and was sculpted into a model citizen beginning from the day she was born. Benni will never know famine, she will never know war, and after a horrific accident on the night of her twenty-second birthday, she will never be human again.

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  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Summarizing a novel is a lot like graphing a line—: you plot a few points and trust your readers to fill in the rest. Over the course of Earthshine, however, Chad T. Douglas intertwines so many conflicts and characters that the novel's plot bears more resemblance to a ball of yarn than a line connecting A and B. The novel's core conflict, however, revolves around protagonist Benni's search for meaning and recovery after receiving cybertronic, "transhuman" implants following a zero-gravity freak accident.

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