Dragons From The Sea
Dragons from the Sea (The Strongbow Saga, Book 2)
Dragons From The Sea
Judson Roberts
The thrilling Strongbow Saga continues with this fierce sequel chronicling the adventures of a young man learning the ways of the Viking warriors. As fifteen-year-old Halfdan embarks on a perilous mission in a foreign land, he shows signs of greatness. But will he live up to his family name, or die trying? Author and Viking expert Judson Roberts draws on his detailed knowledge of this bloody time and culture to bring a young hero's exploits to life.

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  • Adventure
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The book Dragons from the Sea is set in the year 845. The main character is a "beardless youth" named Halfdan. Halfdan really wants to become a soldier on a ship and go raiding, but many people don't take him seriously because of his youth. Then he meets a captain of a very fine ship and impresses him with the shooting of his bow. The captain agrees to let him join his crew. Halfdan then learns that all the ships and soldiers are going south to the Franks to make war. Will he prove his worth to the rest of the crew in Frankia?

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