Double Take
Double Take
Double Take
When sixteen-year-old Brooke Bentley's green convertible and cell phone conk out during a tropical rainstorm, she believes it's just bad luck. But when she darts through the dark to a dilapidated Victorian she thinks is the home of a friend and is invited in by a butler wearing a faded black tux, Brooke knows it must be karma. Because how often do you meet a reclusive 1950's movie star who thinks she's actress Terry Moore? And how often does someone as charming as eighty-year-old Laura de France insist on turning you into a movie star, too?

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  • Chick Lit
  • Fiction
  • Humor

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Sixteen year old Brooke Bentley has no idea what she is in for when her car breaks down in front of Laura de France's house. The octogenarian is friendly, frail... and thinks she is the famous actress Terry Moore. Laura takes an immediate liking to Brooke, and, through a strange turn of events, soon controls almost every aspect of Brooke's life as she seeks to turn the teen into a movie star. 

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Brooke Bentley is a sixteen-year-old girl whose life is normal.  That is, until her car breaks down in the middle of a rainstorm and her cellphone dies soon after.  With no other option, she gets out of her car and knocks on the nearest front door of a house and meets a peculiar older lady who seems set on having Brooke attend a Valentine’s Day party wearing a famous actress’s dress.  Brooke desperately wants to get back at Paige for stealing Tyler, Brooke’s boyfriend, and wearing the dress would get her the revenge she desperately wants.  But when

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