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Twelve-year-old Izzy wants to be like everyone else, but she has a secret. She isn’t weird or angry, like some of the kids at school think. Izzy has Tourette syndrome. Hiding outbursts and tics from her classmates is hard enough, but when a new girl arrives, Izzy’s fear of losing her best friend makes Izzy’s symptoms worse. And when she sees her crush act suspiciously, runaway thoughts take root inside of her. As the pressure builds and her world threatens to spin out of control, Izzy must face her fear and reveal her secret, whatever the costs. Authentic and perceptive, Different shines a light on the delicate line of a child’s hopes and fears and inspires us all to believe that perhaps we are not so different after all.

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  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Different is an enlightening story about Izzy Palmer, a girl most people assume is just angry or weird but really has Tourette syndrome. Her behavior consists of disguised tics and sometimes undisguisable tics. Izzy's life seems to be going well until a new girl moves to town and starts hanging out with Izzy's best friend, Addison. Next, her crush is acting suspisciously. On top of it all, the eighth-grade dance is coming up and Izzy wants to look perfect. Her solution is to stop taking her meds.

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