Did You Know? Wetland Series
Did You Know? Wetland Series

Did You Know? Is the beginning of a series of books for children to learn about the natural world. This book focuses on the questions young minds feed off with the use of photographic images to explain the question or answer. This easy format will help young minds fulfill their understanding about nature. This 34 page beginner reference guide for places nature calls home is filled with beautiful images of nature's creatures and answers for inquisitive minds. Did you know? Covers what lives in each landscape and why. This will engage young minds into learning about the outdoors and what lives there and why. Opening up a new world of learning for young children 4 and up with simple terms and thought provoking answers. This book focuses on what lives in Wetlands and provides answers on counting, colors, or information on the wildlife itself. By covering an array of topics each child can get a good sense of what lives in a wetland. Such as How do bees keep their homes cool in the summer heat? How fast can a dragonfly fly? Fun topics to learn and share with others. Did you Know? Is packed with exciting facts a child can understand before adventuring out. Here your child can learn and read in the comfort of their home. Yet, be excited to explore and see what they have learned. Giving knowledge gives them a basis for wanting to learn more and not being afraid of it. Very important for young minds to ask why, how, and what. This book will answer those questions.

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  • Animals
  • Educational
  • Environment
  • Series
  • Special

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  • 5 - 8
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“Did You Know? Wetland Series” is the perfect educational book for young and curious readers. This picture books takes readers through the ecosystems within wetlands and observes its living creatures. Each page shows clear and bright images of the plants and animals that live within wetlands and answers questions about them. “Did You Know? Wetland Series” will answer unknown facts about wetland organisms that will pique readers’ interests about science and the world around them.

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