The Devil's Calling
The Devil's Calling
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Amazon Best Seller in Science Fiction & Fantasy Writing
#1 Amazon Bestseller in Cybernetics and Bestseller in Free Will & Determinism and Consciousness & Thought

Dive into the second entry in Mike Kelley’s spellbinding trilogy, with freethinking literature professor Sean Byron McQueen returning for another high-stakes adventure.

It’s been nine years since Sean Byron McQueen and quantum physics professor Emily Edens―aka M―discovered his murdered best friend’s Theory of Everything. Now, Sean and M live a near-idyllic life on the campus of a college they’ve established for young women. M’s teaching of the new paradigm-shifting theory of constant creation has made her a rock-star scientist.

When Sean’s missing spiritual guide, Juno―believed to have been abducted by aliens that are targeting enlightened beings―sends him a telepathic message that his beloved and illuminated M is also in danger, Sean becomes hypervigilant in order to protect her.

Meanwhile, troubling AI-produced literature begins arriving in Sean’s inbox, and the culprit may be an ex-CIA operative with the code name Guru who is intent on revenge. Sean presumes the Guru is also the mastermind behind Genesis, a super-intelligent Russian computer that will connect humans via a network of direct brain-to-brain links. Genesis is seen as the next evolutionary step by the wired-in nation (WiN), a group determined to create a New Society. Are the Guru and WiN after M, who is determined to ensure the ethical rollout of the dangerous “hive-mind” technology, or are the threats figments of Sean’s vivid imagination―his superpower and curse?

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  • Fantasy
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  • Science Fiction

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  • Adult
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The Devil’s Calling by Michael Kelley peers wistfully into the near future. It’s not a dystopian future, nor is it a utopian future. What is so refreshing about Kelley’s world is that it is so much like our own. There are hopeful and joyful elements. There are also perils and wise warnings. It is a world where AI and religion continue to develop, but not at the expense of the human. Technology neither threatens to annihilate humanity like Skynet in The Terminator, nor do the people eschew technology for a more transcendent life.

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It's been nine years since the events in the book, The Lost Theory, and things are looking up for Literature professor, Sean McQueen and his partner quantum physicist, Emily "M" Edens. Sean is a bestselling author, and M's theories of Big Love and Constant Creation in the universe have given her enough recognition to be nominated for a Nobel Prize. They established a college for young women that focuses on science, the humanities, and spirituality classes.

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