Maureen Johnson
During her senior year at St. Teresa's Preparatory School, Jane must battle against the devil, who is masquerading as a sophomore with a penchant for cupcakes, to save her best friend Ally, who has sold her soul in exchange for popularity.

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  • Adventure
  • Paranormal

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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It all started with a cupcake. It was a normal, everyday cupcake, but it changed Jane's life forever. Her best friend suddenly gets a Little, or freshman tag-along, because she threw up on someone after eating the cupcake. Weird. Ally shows up at school the next day with dyed, cropped hair and a major personality change. Jane can't figure out what is going on, until Ally confides that a demon has control of her soul. Jane is determined to save her friend, but she might have to give up her own soul in the process. Can she save her friend? She has to try.

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