Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues
Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues

Detective Natty and Doggy Dale love mysteries. You can follow the clues with Natty and Dale as they solve the first four mysteries in this exciting new series. In mystery # 1 we learn that Doggy Dale is a ghost who used to solve mysteries with Detective Natty's great-grandparents who were famous detectives. Cousin Harry calls Natty with a frantic message. Harry needs help finding his missing soccer shoes. They use their detecting skills to try and locate Harry's shoes. They find many missing items but time is running out and they can't locate the shoes. In mystery # 2 Natty and Dale follow the clues to help Lisa, who is in a wheelchair and lost her lunch box at school. They try to help her find her Scooby Doo lunch box. The lunch box is quite old, and her mom told her to be very careful with it. In mystery # 3 they follow the clues to Chase, who is from Nigeria and finally made friends when he joined the school band. His saxophone is missing and he can't play in the band without it. And in mystery # 4 they search for clues to help Beni find her button collection that she needs to earn her girl scout badge. The book is extra special as it includes special buttons that her grandmother has sent her from Japan.


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  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 5 - 8
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Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Follow the Clues by Deborah Hunt is the first book of the series ‘Detective Natty and Doggy Dale Mini Mysteries’. It features Natty, a little detective, and her loyal partner Dale, a dog who is equally good at solving mysteries, if not more. The two of them solve four simple mysteries involving missing objects, utilizing clues and of course, their detective skills. The first story is about a boy losing his soccer shoes while the rest are concerned with missing lunch box, saxophone, and button collection respectively.

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