Destiny's Flower
Destiny's Flower
Destiny's Flower
Linda Harley
Doctor Lynn Davis is kidnapped by handsome Lord Kyle von Talion and taken to a far of planet, Saldiora. As she finds herself in this unfamiliar culture, she must learn to fight with a sword, ride a talking horse, and endure the politics of a royal court if she is to survive. Kyle has his hands full keeping Lynn from making cultural blunders and ensuring her safety. The Juntu’s are plotting to take over Saldiora and consider Lynn to be a threat to their success. Will Lynn live long enough to fulfill her destiny and save the kingdom of Saldiora?

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  • Adventure
  • Romance
  • Science Fiction
  • Series

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  • Any Age
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Destiny's Flower is about college professor, Lynn Davis, who one day is abruptly taken from Earth. She is then aboard the ship, Destiny's Flower, where she learns she must particiapte in a competion. Lynn is shown a new world that she may have more ties to then she realises. Family secrets unfold, and conspiracies revealed, and love is unraveled. Lynn is to discover all this and more to survive and conquer this new wolrd. Will she make it? Or will the traitors get to her first?

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