The Day the Fortune Teller Died
The Day the Fortune Teller Died
The Day the Fortune Teller Died
Marianna Heusler
Eva Avanti, the new girl in school, desperately needs help. A fortune teller has predicted that great harm will come to her. Determined to learn who is going to hurt her and why, Eva implores amateur sleuth Isabella and her friends Vicki and Lauren to investigate. When the girls stumble upon the dead body of the fortune teller, it's clear that it's not only Eva who is in danger. As the three friends race against the clock, they discover the motive for a long-forgotten crime, buried treasure, and a murderer who will stop at nothing to achieve his goals.

Book Details


  • Mystery

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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The Day the Fortune Teller Died is a book about three best friends, narrated by one of the three-Isabella. This book is about Vicky, Isabella, Lauren, and a new girl that comes to them asking for help, by the name of Eva.

Eva comes to the three girls with a problem. Someone wants to kill her! So the three girls go off on a mission of finding who and why they would want to kill Eva.

They end up with a new mystery, though. Who killed the old fortune teller who predicted Eva would be killed?

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