Daniel's Dreams: Monster Mountain
Daniel's Dreams: Monster Mountain

Daniel is a young boy from a ‘normal’ family. He is shy, quiet and worries about things in life. Unlike his sister Darcie, who is outgoing, loud, and confident. Daniel loves bedtime because his imagination, through his dreams, takes him on adventures, where he meets new people and visits new places. His journeys are always something he enjoys. One night, a monster appears in his bedroom, who takes him on an adventure to Monster Mountain. Daniel has always thought monsters were scary, but tonight he learns that they are just like humans; they have feelings and they too worry about things in their lives. When Daniel arrives in Monster Mountain, he is over awed by how beautiful and unique it is. Dex introduces Daniel to his monster friends. Daniel quickly notices that each monster is individual and unique. Whilst at Monster Mountain, Daniel helps one of the monsters, Shelley, who is really struggling with anxiety. This is something Daniel relates to as he too is worrying about something at school. Daniel teaches Shelley different ways to cope with her anxiety. He, too, must use these skills to get over his own worries about school. Can he overcome his worries and apply the strategies to cope?

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  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Daniel’s Dreams: Monster Mountain is a book about a boy named Daniel who is very nervous about an assembly at his school. Daniel is going to have to talk in front of many people, and he is extremely anxious about how it will turn out. Daniel gets ready for bed and is excited about his nightly dream that involves many adventures and new friends. Daniel wakes up as he hears someone talking and finds that it’s a monster! Dex, the mysterious monster, takes Daniel to Monster Mountain where Dex’s family and friends are located. Daniel cannot believe this!

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