Daniel Locke and the Tower of Eden
Daniel Locke and the Tower of Eden
Daniel Locke and the Tower of Eden
Daniel "Indy" Locke Jr. has a new dragon tattoo, crazy thing is... it actually moves.   His world is forever changed when he passes through a mysterious aurora surrounding a large valley in Northern California.  The aurora of shimmering lights is tied to the discovery of ancient artifacts buried deep below the ground.   The artifacts and tattoo are all capable of incredible powers, but at a price. Once inside the aurora, no one is able to leave it... alive.

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  • Fantasy
  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Daniel Locke and the Tower of Eden by Marty Longson is a story about a young boy named Indy and his adventures to save his dad's castle. The story takes place on a castle's grounds in southern California. Indy's mom has cancer and she can't walk, but after a discovery by his dad, Daniel Locke, that magically changes. There is an aurora surrounding the grounds, and when one leaves it, it is possible that they might turn into a crystal statue.

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