Cutting Cords
Reality Shift 3: Cutting Cords
Cutting Cords
Jo Ramsey
When Shanna's father moves out, leaving Shanna alone with her mother, her home life goes from bad to worse. At least she has Jonah to remind her that she deserves a good life, even if she doesn't always believe him. Stressed about her parents' separation and worried about what it will mean for her, Shanna is glad for the distraction of her friend Tammi's request for information about guides. Although Shanna is still learning, she knows how to answer Tammi's questions. The problem is, the entity Tammi is asking about isn't really a guide. It's a dead spirit who wants to take over Tammi's life. And Shanna discovers that another entity, one with the power to destroy our universe, wants to use Tammi as well. Guided by Jonah and Tethys, and helped by another being of light, Shanna must send the dead spirit to the afterlife before it's too late-for Tammi and for the entire Universe.

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  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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This book was about a young girl named Shanna, who's father just moved out, due to an unhealthy marrige. Shanna is now left with her abusive mother. The only person she can look to for comfort is her best friend, Jonah. Jonah is trying to teach Shanna about being of light, banishing demons, and how to meditate. A friend of Shanna's, named Tammi, is cursed with a demon, and the demon has created an invisible cord, attached to Tammi, so she can drain Tammi's energy and transfer into the real world.

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