The Curse of the Romany Wolves
The Curse of the Romany Wolves
The Curse of the Romany Wolves
Christian Slade, S. Jones Rogan
Penhaligon takes on pirates and sea serpents on the high seas.The creatures of Porthleven are suffering from a mysterious illness that looks like Febra lupi, the curse of the Romany wolves, which has no known cure. The dashing apothecary fox Penhaligon must find a cure or risk losing everyone he holds dear! Penhaligon uncovers a fragment of parchment that just might be a recipe for a cureā€”and it includes ingredients found only on the haunted Howling Island. But the obstacles Penhaligon must face on his quest for the cure make ghosts seem friendly: Pirates! Sea serpents! Double-crossing ferrets! Can Penhaligon make it back in time to save his village?

Book Details


  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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This animal fantasy could also be called an adventure novel. The Curse of the Romany Wolves starts in a land called Kernovia, with two foxes, Penhaligon and Rowan, living in an old manor. They have turned this manor into a hospital. In a nearby place called the Purple Moor there once lived a pack of wolves known as the Romany Wolves. One day a sickness called "wolf fever" came through and wiped out almost all of the wolves. Penhaligon and Rowan adopted the only two survivors, wolf cubs Dora and Donald.

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