The Curious Club
The Curious Club
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A curious little girl is on the case to solve the mystery of why a little boy looks so sad. She has a lot of questions, and the little boy has an answer...when he finally gets a chance to share. Are you curious like these two? Join us in reading The Curious Club.


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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Everyone gets a little curious sometimes. When the little girl in this story sees a little boy who looks sad, she decides to cheer him up. But first, she tries to find out why he is upset. So, with all the charm of a concerned little girl, she goes through every possible scenario that could possibly be making him sad. The Curious Club captures the spirit of curious kids everywhere, with imaginative rhyme and colorful pictures by illustrator Mike Motz.

The Curious Club is a book about a girl who is...well, curious. She sees a boy who is sad, and she is concerned. She goes over to him to ask why he is so sad. She also asks him a variety of other questions—some serious, some silly—but all show that she cares. The boy says she is very curious, and she tells him she likes to learn about everything. She asks the boy if he wants to join her club, and he says yes.

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