Crazy Cat Kid
Crazy Cat Kid (Crazy Cat Kids Book 1)
Crazy Cat Kid
Lilly Thornton is a fourteen-year-old girl who lives on an acreage just outside Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. She owns four rescued cats and has helped find homes for many more. Her mother belongs to a dragon boat race team and some of the team members have decided to go camping around the island with their families.Lilly is considered too young to be left at home alone. Since one of Lilly's cats is diabetic and needs an insulin shot twice a day she has to bring her along. The other three have never been left alone before so Lilly convinces her parents that they have to come, too. It sounds like a simple solution until they begin to drive away from their house and the cats start howling.While camping the cats try to find ways to get out. They hover at the screen door waiting for it to open. One checks every open door searching for the magic way outside and spends the night pawing at the metal window blinds so she can look out. Are they going to ruin the camping trip or is boredom? The first day there is no one Lilly’s age and by the afternoon she wants to go home. And then she meets Jesse, the fifteen-year-old Metis son of another team member.

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  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Series

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up

Lilly’s Mom’s teams camping trip is coming up, and Lilly is upset that she can’t stay home. Lilly asks her mother that if she can’t stay home can she at least take her four cats. Her mother says that she can if she takes full responsibility for them. The next day, they set off for the camping trip. When they get to the campground, Lilly walks around looking for someone her age.

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