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From the hilarious and cheerful early reader graphic novel series COOKIE & BROCCOLI: BOOK OF SECRETS! by Bob McMahon. Best buddies Cookie and Broccoli discover the joy of sharing secrets with friends, from the secret cure to boredom to their secret fears, in this sweet and funny early graphic novel that's perfect for fans of Narwhal and Jelly. 

Shh . . . Cookie and Broccoli's lips are sealed! Broccoli reveals the embarrassing nickname his grandma gave him as a baby, and Cookie laments that he’s never had a nickname . . . or has he? Then the adorable duo set out to cure Broccoli’s boredom, for which Talking Rock gives them a cryptic clue. And finally, Cookie confesses his fear of The Scary Forest near their school and Broccoli shares a surprising secret of his own. But the fun doesn’t stop there: Readers will love solving a secret message at the end of the book with a special decoder.

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  • Educational
  • Fiction
  • Humor
  • Manga/Graphic Novel

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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It’s another adventure for Cookie and Broccoli, and it’s all about “secrets.” From cool nicknames to walking in the scary woods, these two best friends and their other food friends come up with neat ideas for secrets. After meeting their friends “T-Bone,” “Tater,” and “Flapjack,” Cookie and Broccoli crave their own nicknames, too. Thus the game begins to find the “secret spot” in the school backyard to learn new names.

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Cookie and Broccoli are the best of friends.  Despite being different, they get along very well, and this book is all about secrets in the life of Cookie and Broccoli! First, Broccoli has a very embarrassing nickname he doesn't want anyone to know. But when he tells the nickname to Cookie in their secret spot, the whole school ends up hearing! Luckily, everyone is kind to Broccoli and tells him that his nickname is awesome! Next, Broccoli is very bored one day and can't seem to find anything to get rid of his boredom.

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