The Cloud Chamber
The Cloud Chamber
The Cloud Chamber
Joyce Maynard
When his father shoots himself and ends up blind, Nate Chance’s world is thrown into a tailspin as the members of his family retreat from reality, but not wanting to become the tragedy’s next victim, Nate sets his sights on winning the science fair by building the cloud chamber that he and his father had planned to do before everything went wrong.

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  • Fiction
  • Juvenile Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Nate Chance's life was fine. He has a best friend that did almost everything with him. His father taught him everything he knows (which was quite a lot), but after a freak hailstorm killed off the hay crop that would take the family out of debt, everything changed. Nate's mother became a walking vegetable and Nate's best friend doesn't even act like Nate ever existed. Only sister Junie believes that everything will be better. Nate somehow sees a ray of light in his klutzy science partner, Naomi.

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When Nate Chance arrived home from school, he new something was wrong. There were multiple police cars and an ambulance at his house. As he got off the bus, he saw his dad being supported by two police officers. Then he noticed the blood dripping down his fathers face. Nate soon discovers that his dad tried to commit suicide. Nate's father is alive, but unfortunately has no recollection of the event. The police are blaming Nate's mother, accusing her of attempted murder.

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