Into the Closets
Into the Closets

Aurelia Macintosh goes to work for the Royal Collection in the nineties, cataloguing the contents of several famous palaces. Her colleagues are a mixed lot of aristocrats, almost normal English people and foreigners. Security is a big issue in the palaces and when things start to disappear, they are all suspects. The famous Holbein watercolour is stolen and Aurelia and her boyfriend Nick are asked to try to help finding the thief. But before they find any helpful clues they discover that Aurelia's workmates are not all what they seem, and their sexual preferences as well as their inherited problems can lead them into trouble. Above all the invaluable works of art in the palaces have to be protected from evil forces.

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  • Chick Lit
  • Special

Age Level: 

  • Mature Young Adult
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Set in the 1990s, Into the Closets follows Aurelia, a young woman who applies for a job at Buckingham Palace as a data entry processor to help catalogue the royal art collection. It’s not her dream job by any means but one that she hopes will lead to future opportunities. It’s also not the most interesting job, despite the location. Her boyfriend, Nick, however, disagrees, hoping to use Aurelia’s connections as opportunities to write feature freelance articles to further his journalism career.

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