Claude Monet
Claude Monet: The Painter Who Stopped the Trains
Claude Monet
Jos. A. Smith, P. I. Maltbie
Young readers will learn how Claude Monet came to paint trains as well as how he forever changed the minds of critics about his art and about the Impressionists in general. When his nine-year-old son raves over trains passing by in the countryside, Monet wishes his own art could excite critics as much as trains captivate his son. The book explains his painting technique, how critics viewed him and the other Impressionists, and how he came to paint trains.   Jos. A. Smith’s beautiful illustrations are paired with P. I. Maltbie’s comprehensive text to create an inspiring tale of Monet. The book also includes an author’s note, reproductions of some of Monet’s paintings, a time line, a list of North American museums that house Monet’s paintings, a bibliography, and an index."A handsome and child-friendly introduction to the Impressionist master. The narrative works well, and much information is thoughtfully, accessibly presented." –Kirkus Reviews "Smith expertly illuminates the changing landscape of an evolving world, as Maltbie's thoughtful story of inspiration and imagination highlights a less remembered portion of Monet's work." –Publishers Weekly

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  • Biography

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  • 12 and up
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Claude Monet was an inquisitive painter. He was very curious. Monet's paintings were intricate and full of detail. They had illustrations that were from his own life. Unfortunately, many critics believed he was an impressionist, although his art is magnificent and his own completely. When his friends invited him to an exhibit he wanted to paint something better than ever before. As his son played with a toy train on the floor, he came to the conclusion that he could paint trains. He could paint the modern world with the fog and smoke of a train hovering above the city.

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