Chasing the Falls
Chasing the Falls

For most of her life, 17 year old Lila Dahl has been estranged from her alcoholic father and happy to live 3000 miles away from him. But when her mother dies, Lila has nowhere else to go. Her move from rural New England to Los Angeles is overwhelming and she's suddenly an outsider at an elite private school. Her new friends, the children of wealthy Hollywood families, have no idea she’s the daughter of a celebrity-chasing paparazzo. That's a secret she'd rather keep to herself.

Life in LA improves significantly when Lila meets Dax, a cute-but-geeky Star Wars fan who introduces her to Elvis sandwiches and midnight movies. But just as she begins to feel comfortable in her new home, Lila's father needs her help. Can Lila keep her secret or will she discover she has a lot more in common with her father than she ever thought?


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  • Fiction

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  • 12 and up
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Lila is a relatively normal girl living in Ladder Falls, Massachusetts, who cares lovingly for her sick, single mother. When her mother's cancer becomes too powerful, Lila is left with a funeral and an uncaring father who lives on the opposite coast. Lila is quickly sent to live with her father, Lionel, as much as she despises him. At first, Lila can't understand why he would use his talent of photography to capture pictures of movie stars and sell them to the media.
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