Terry S. Goudy
After sixteen-year-old Scott Freeman figures out secret code words and wins the first Star Park world-sized virtual reality adventure on the new Star Park space station two months ago, over a million persons have demanded to be added to a waiting list to be in line for the next world-sized virtual reality adventure. Everyone around the globe keeps going wild for more information. But then the mysterious General Z shows up unexpectedly with a top secret military project. All Scott's plans are scrambled now. With little explanation, Scott is rushed back to Star Park to once again enter a world-sized virtual reality adventure. But then the picture becomes horrifyingly clear. This time Scott must use the virtual reality adventure, not for amusement, but to figure out secret code words, and also from inside the adventure, to simulate a solution to save Earth from an impending, completely unexpected, threatening, cataclysmic disaster.

Book Details


  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Scott Freeman is a fifteen year old who has successfully completed a game in Star Park, a virtual gaming world in which he is employed. He is planning to do another test run to make sure it will be safe for costumers. Scott also hopes to use the second test to search for a cure for his sister's illness. Unfortunately, after a failed kidnap attempt to capture Scott, a military official, General Z, sends him back into the virtual world taking away Scott's ability to control the game. This time the scenario is set around a disaster where the Earth may be destroyed.

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