Carrie's Cupcake Success
Carrie's Cupcake Success

Carrie's Cupcake Success tells the story of a courageous little girl who overcomes double by doing what she is passionate about - baking. Carrie puts her math skills to the test in the kitchen and proves successful in baking her favorite vanilla bean cupcakes along side her mother and decorating them too! Carrie shows children all over the world you can achieve anything if you set your heart and mind to it.

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Book Details


  • Juvenile Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8

Carrie’s Cupcake Success By Michelle Parmigaini is a book about a girl named Carrie who loves baking but dislikes math. At school she is assigned a math project to bring in something they love, but it must have something to do with math. Another student in the class tells Carrie that girls can’t be as good at math as boys. Carrie thinks about what her classmate told her and talks to her mom. She wants to use cupcakes in her project, but Carrie can’t figure out how math relates to baking. How will she solve this problem and finish her assignment?

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