Michelle Parmigiani

Michelle Parmigiani is the premier author of New Jersey-based children's book publisher Fifth & Zilai. A master of the written word in varying forms, Michelle's melodic style of writing illuminates meaningful messages for children and adults alike making story time truly treasurable. Michelle believes that the greatest lesson we all have to learn is how special it is to simply be ourselves. You'll discover this theme in Fifth & Zilai's imaginative tales of personal triumphs and moral rightdoing. Individuality is at the core of all Michelle does and writes, and is at the heart of Fifth & Zilai.

Fifth & Zilai is the brainchild of brother-sister duo Mario Foti and Michelle Parmigiani. The name is representative of the two New Jersey locations in which they grew up and came into their own, where their talents were nurtured and happiness was aplenty. Together, they've decided to share the joy of storytelling with parents and children worldwide. Fifth & Zilai's stories are rooted in morality and individual identity. As you flip through our colorful pages with your children you can rest assured a life lesson is also being shared. Fifth & Zilai celebrates family, love and kindness and always advocates for individuality and inclusivity. The most powerful lesson we share for children and parents alike is the power we all behold by simply being ourselves. 

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Michelle Parmigiani


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