The Career-Minded Student
The Career-Minded Student: How To Excel In Classes And Land A Job
The Career-Minded Student
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The Career-Minded Student provides undergraduates with a complete toolkit for excelling in classes, researching their strengths/interests, finding a suitable major and preparing to compete for jobs right after graduating from college.Unlike many similar books which are quite long-winded or focus specifically on either study skills or career guidance, The Career-Minded Student is a straightforward, memorable and comprehensive guide on how to put yourself ahead of the competition.The book will guide you through every college year and give you the tools to successfully compete for good jobs in your field after graduation. This guide fits well with students attending any school, whether it's a two-year institution or another type of college or university.Put yourself one step ahead of the competition and get a copy of The Career-Minded Student today.

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If you’re in high school, you’ve probably been asked that fateful question: “Where are you going to college?” You might be lucky and have everything perfectly plotted out, but chances are, there’s still a lot of planning to do. The Career-Minded Student is here to help! From the basics of getting organized to the more complicated task of choosing a major, author Neil O’Donnell will guide you through the many questions you have about your future.

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