Briony Hatch
Briony Hatch
Briony Hatch
x x, Penelope and Ginny Skinner
Briony Hatch hates reality. She prefers the fantasy world of her favourite novels: The Starling Black Adventures, in which ghosts are real and you can cast magic spells to defeat your enemies. In her real life, Briony's parents are getting divorced and her friends are preoccupied by losing weight and shagging boys. Briony has tried all Starling Black's magic spells in her bedroom but they don't seem to be working. Her mother wants her to grow up, get her head out of those books and pack - they're leaving Dad and moving into a bungalow the other side of town. Worst of all, Briony has almost finished the last ever Starling Black novel; life will soon have no meaning at all. But Briony is about to learn that fantasy and reality aren't always so easy to distinguish, and life doesn't have to be dull just because you're getting older.

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  • Manga/Graphic Novel

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  • Mature Young Adult
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Fourteen year old Briony struggles with being normal. She has always been obsessed with a book series, unlike all the other girls at school. Now that her book series has ended, she becomes depressed about all aspects of her life. Because she will not accept reality, Briony decides to summon a ghost, which ends up working. Unfortunately, it was the ghost of the person whose house who she just moved in to. Now she has to help her dead great aunt cross over and become fully dead.

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