The Boundless
The Boundless
The Boundless
An Amazon Best Children’s Book of the Month, April 2014: Mirroring a slice of actual railway history, the Boundless is a train of epic proportion, an eccentric visionary’s dream made real by the sweat and lives of many. The book's protagonist, Will Everett, is a young man who yearns for adventure, finding it first when he participates in securing the final spike of the Boundless’ tracks and years later on her inaugural voyage. By the time the train leaves the station, Will’s family has literally gone from rags to riches, and he finds himself responsible for keeping a special boxcar’s treasures safe from thieves who will stop at nothing—even murder. Along with his friend Maren, an escape artist with the traveling circus onboard, Will realizes untapped bravery, loyalty, and friendship that help him face a multitude of dangers. The Boundless successfully mixes history, folklore, and imagination into a sweeping adventure story that is a delight to read.---Seira Wilson

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  • Adventure

Age Level: 

  • 8 - 12
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Boundless is about a boy who has an adventure on a 7-mile long train. It has everything from a murder to Saquatches to the circus to jumping from train car to train car.  
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