Birthday? Birthday!! Birthday!!! Impatient Patience's Special Day
Birthday? Birthday!! Birthday!!! Impatient Patience's Special Day

Continue the lesson of patience with another adventure from the witty, headstrong, and impatient Patience. Do children ever learn patience when you tell them once? You guessed it. Patience is at it again with her mom and her antics. Filled with tactics, Patience's special day is coming soon. It's her birthday!!! How impatient do children get on that day? What new lesson is there to teach? What will Patience do next? Today's anew with more lessons to learn. More teaching to do. Get this book, grab the children, and read yet another lesson they will surely need.

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  • Juvenile Fiction
  • Picture book

Age Level: 

  • 5 - 8
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Patience was a little girl who never took it easy. At the beginning of this children’s book, she had a leg cast due to a bicycle accident. Before her ninth birthday, she was impatient, wanting to see what her mother was planning for her special day. Her mother told Patience to “Take it slow.  Just play and enjoy yourself." Many wonderful surprises awaited her on her birthday celebration, but the best gift was the one she received from her dad, who couldn't attend.

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