Baby Grape and Huskey
Baby Grape and Huskey
Baby Grape and Huskey
Thom Rogers
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Set in western Pennsylvania in the 1840's, "Baby Grape and Huskey" tells the story of an unlikely pair who are in a race for their lives to complete a delivery over the roughest terrain this side of the Mississippi. Toby's one-hundred mile mission turns into a life-threatening journey as he and an indentured servant girl, Gina, find themselves running from the men who wish to kill them and steal their precious cargo. As the journey continues, Toby becomes a man of honor and is determined to deliver the cargo to its rightful owner, all the while dodging the murderous pursuers. Toby and Gina encountered surprising allies, heart-wrenching hardship, near-death experiences, and unexpected feelings of loyalty to their duty, and each other. The first in a captivating series of books, "Baby Grape and Huskey" is an adventure you'll never forget.

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  • Adventure
  • Environment
  • Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Baby Grape and Huskey is the story of an adventurous boy named Toby who finds himself in trouble with the law after he injures another boy while defending himself. Feeling the need to dissapear for awhile, he accepts a job delivering a still from Pittsburgh to Sligo, Pennsylvania. He is accompanied by a man, Lew, who Toby's late father had once described as mean spirited. Lew proves Toby's father correct, and soon Toby is forced to take responsibility beyond what he had imagined the delivery would require.

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Toby is wanted by the police for whipping a boy. When his employer gives him a chance to escape by delivering a still far north, he takes it. Going with a greedy and cold-hearted man named Lew, he sets off north, but the farther he gets, the more he suspects Lew. When Toby discovers Lew's plan to keep the still and delivery money, he and an abused girl Gina take the still and run. Trekking through the wilderness and avoiding danger, they make friends along the way, who help them deliver the still. When that is done, Toby and Gina head back to the city.

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