Awakening on Orbis 4
The Softwire: Awakening on Orbis 4
Awakening on Orbis 4
PJ Haarsma
The Softwire series careens to a conclusion as JT comes to terms with the startling truth about his destiny on the Rings of Orbis. (Ages 12 and up)Johnny Turnbull now knows that his sister, Ketheria, is the Scion — a long-awaited being who will bring understanding and healing to the universe. But what about him? As the Scion’s protector and guardian, JT is expected to start training to become a Space Jumper, a mercenary soldier who can jump through time and space. And he’s not happy about it, especially as he promised his girlfriend, Max, he would never take on that dangerous role, which could take him who-knows-how-far away. Can anything — or any one — guide Johnny to his true calling? And as new trouble brews on Orbis, will even Space Jumper skills be enough to help JT protect his sister and his friends?

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  • Science Fiction

Age Level: 

  • 12 and up
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Johnny Turnbull imagined life on the rings of Orbis as a perfect utopia, where he could live life to its utmost. His previous excursions on the rings hadn't been terrible, even though he was a kudnik. Being a kudnik rendered JT meaningless to the citizens of Orbis, but life went on, mainly because of his sister and friends. But things begin to change upon the discovery of his sister's unique and unprecedented powers, and JT is pushed into a land of unfamiliarity. In "Awakening on Orbis 4", JT discovers many things about life, and becomes more in-tune with his inner self.

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