Avril Crump and Her Amazing Clones
Avril Crump And Her Amazing Clones
Avril Crump and Her Amazing Clones
Angela Woolfe
In Angela Woolfe's spectacularly funny debut novel, Avril Crump, the bumbling but lovable scientist embarks on a series of unexpected adventures with her newfound friends--who happen to be clones!Avril Crump, female scientist, is bald, pink, and round, with a weakness for sweets, whose greatest love of all is chemistry, science, the quest for knowledge, and using that chemistry to fix the world's ills. But one day, while Avril is helping herself to a yummy snack, she accidentally stumbles upon a scientific experiment gone awry. When her uncle's old chemistry set collides with a mysterious metal trunk, three clones are created in the accidental explosion. And with this laboratory accident, Avril's adventure begins. She must save her new friends, the clones, from their own creator.

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  • Adventure
  • Fantasy
  • Fiction
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  • 12 and up
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In this book, Avril Crump is like a pastry. She is very sweet, round, chubby and bald. She always seems to be thinking of food. In a lab accident, she gets landed with three clones, and numerous adventures. Trying to keep the clones inconspicuous is hard enough, being a talking dog, an wimpy general, and a very intelligent girl, without an insane scientist trying to kill them. The four friends meet several people on their journeys, some of them friendlier than the next.

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